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Lost connection in Internet after 4 hours of usage


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Dear all,

Anyone encounter similar situation as I did? I have turned on the Packet Squirrel and connect using the Arming mode for testing. Then I found that after 4 hours of connected testing, the LAN port and packet squirrel kept working. (I have turned on ngrep at background to try some capturing test).

But then, I found that after 4 hours of test, the packet squirrel "Internet/Outgoing connection" disconnected and lost all connections. Is that some problem with my hardware?

Please advise


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Strange. At least it's rebooting rather than shutting down. Still, not ideal if you have a payload that requires setup after launch.

Hopefully it's a software issue and will be fixed in an upcoming firmware. I'm yet to run a payload for longer than 10m, so I haven't experienced it yet. Might do an endurance test of my upcoming payload for a few hours, see how many times it reboots.

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