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HDK question


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I know I'm not supposed to post wifi pineapple questions here but this isn't really a pineapple question.  I think I mentioned before that I'm interested in trying to make an attiny85 or digispark kinda like what you see on seytonic's videos.  I have an HDK board for the Mark V who's specs aren't that far off.  What confuses me is from what I read there are two types.  A 3.3V which operates at 8MHz and a 5V which operates at 16MHz.  To get the unit to act like a USB HID you need the 5V 16MHz one.  (correct me if I'm wrong)  According to what I can find (or no longer find) the Hak5 model says it operates at 3.3V but 16MHz.  How do I verify it's actually running at 16MHz and how do I get it to run at 5V?  Sure depending on location a digispark is only a few bucks but I have the HDK in front of me and feel like tinkering.  Any help would be great.  Thanks!

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There is usually an on board linear regulator the turns the 5V supply from the USB to 3.3V. As for communicating via the ISB there is usual a level shifter e.g. signal to PC +5v the other side of the level shifter(micro controller,side) is 3.3v.

Also it’s possible to get a 3.3V micro controller that have 5V tolerant pins. But not all are the same and you would have to read the data sheet.

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Thanks biob.  I guess I'll have to keep digging.  I contacted sparkfun but their response was they weren't going to help.  :(  Same board but with Hak5's name on it rather than aurduino and they decide to be completely worthless.  How come how one wants to help or tinker anymore?  Same with asking Hak5 about a USB hub I purchased from them...no help.  What are we supposed to do just throw perfectly fine stuff away?  Tinker people come on...that's why we are here!

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