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I just got my Packet Squirrel and am quite excited to start playing around with it.  Only one problem.  I run linux on everything and I have formatted 2 different usb disks to work with tcpdump with no luck so far.  I have formatted both to EXT4 and they read on my rpi but for some reason doing a "$ df -h" on the PS, it wont show the usb disk.  Everytime I try to run TCPDUMP I get and LED sequence or R,G,B.  Can anybody shed some light on this for me?

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With some quick reading of the setup guide, you can either format the usb disk yourself or if you plug it into the Squirrel, you can type "$ reformat_usb"  and that has worked out just fine.  Guess I jumped the gun on that one.

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Make sure the USB disk actually has a partition on it.

I have a rather large collection of USB disks from conferences over the years. I keep 'em since many of 'em use the generic USB Rubber Ducky case, printed with company logos :)

An odd thing I noticed while testing the Packet Squirrel prototype. A small number of disks couldn't be read, even after being formatted in either NTFS or EXT4. As it turns out, they had no partition at all - they were just a block device without a single partition. It was strange. After creating a partition with gparted or similar there wasn't an issue. 

Anyway - as you've discovered the reformat_usb command makes it right as rain.

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