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Browser content injection


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Hi everyone!,

I need to know how to create a hotspot wifi network with ads content.

Actually i've tried js-inject by mitmf to an ip address for testing. But that is not enough what i need.

Can someone suggest me any hak5 product or something else for my project? please.

Thank you.

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As for the Hardware, I have the Nano and the Tetra. Nano is great to throw in my bag and move about stealthy. Tetra I usually do dev and use at work w/ desktop. 

For what your trying to do with it, I can’t really help ya there. There are community modules such as dnsmasq and some iptables trickery you could do. I suggest reading through the wiki and the forums a bit, there’s a ton of great info and users here. 


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You can do this with a wifi pineapple or even your own machine with help from some MiTM products like bettercap or MiTMf.

I think js-inject is the way you go.  The hard part will be encrypted traffic which I do not know if possible and if so then how unless you have a cert that can sign valid certs in which the traffic will be unencrypted and you can inject into it.  SSLStrip may work for those not in Googles HSTS list.

Why js-inject?  Because you want it to be dynamic based off of what site they are on judging by your post.  The js will need to read the page you are on (browser DOM) and do something with it.

Note: Not saying you will but I normally get hammered with private messages when I usually post something like this asking for particulars and stuff.  Please do not.  It will take me forever to respond.  Post it here so others have a chance to respond and give input.  Also, my first inclination when someone privates me after a post is they are up to no good which I do stall to determine ethics of the message.

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