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Microsoft EFS Encryption


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Hi Guys,

My friend has lent me his harddrive with some music production files (.wav and .mp3 files) on it but he has somehow encrypted the files and has asked me to remove the encryption from it. 

He says he used Windows 10 and after some digging around found Microsoft uses EFS Encryption. I tried his laptop to remove the encryption as it would have had the key to it and after an hour of playing around he tells me that he re-installed the OS so the key would have been lost. I have searched online for a few answers and found a couple which haven't convinced me. 

I found this site https://www.elcomsoft.co.uk/aefsdr.html that says it can remove EFS on NTFS but I am not willing to pay the price tag unless I have proof of success 

If anyone can verify for me that they have a good success rate that would be awesome 

Or does anyone know if GitHub has any programs that can be run in a Linux OS like Kali or Parrot that I can use to break the encryption? 


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