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What firmware is the best one?


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Hello guys,

I faced a lot of problems with my Pineapple Nano 6, such as difficult to recognize SD Card, configuration sometimes is saved and sometimes not, modules sometimes work and sometimes not, need to click two, three or four times to apply a command, and other. I saw same complaining from other guys and they recommended to change the firmware. I was using 1.1.3 and I tried some other, but I still face some problems as I told.

My question is: Are you facing problems like this in consequence of firmware? In what firmware did you find stability to work fine with Pineapple?


Thank you and regards!

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The interesting thing here is that firmware 1.1.3 did not change anything other than recon mode / profiling. Neither of these changes are firmware related, so it is rather odd that 1.1.2 would resolve your SD card issues.

Either way, we are working on 1.2.0 right now, which will address a number of issues and generally clean up the WiFi Pineapple NANO and TETRA.

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