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Does the Bash Bunny have wifi?


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I saw one of Shannon's podcasts and Darren said that the Bash Bunny is Debian, so you can "sudo apt-get install whatever you want".

Is this true? Does the Bash Bunny have wifi? Because in the release video they didn't say anything about the Bunny having built-in wifi, nor does the product page.

If it doesn't, can you share the internet connection from my computer to the Bunny?



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It doesn't have the hardware to support WiFi (no WiFi card), but you could potentially WiFi boost it by plugging it into a router (ethernet to USB adapter, Bunny plugged in and the router could WiFi boost the Bunny? - just a theory, not been tested by anyone I know of).

Basically even if you install a WiFi package it still wouldn't work because it doesn't have a WiFi card or any other WiFi hardware. It only supports LAN.


Sorry, no taking over a WiFi network with payloads today :(

If you want to do some WiFi pentesting I would recommend the Pineapple range. However they aren't like the Bash Bunny, as they are made to be pentesting routers, whereas the Bunny is a HID/Network/USB Storage device known as a Linux Gadget.

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