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Switch's not Working?


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Ok so I have updated my firmware to 1.3, I have erased and put all current files on Github into my Bashbunny.  I go and try to put a payload onto switch 1, I unplug, change to switch one and plug back in.  My problem is that instead of running any payload it pops up like it is in arming mode, same for the led notifications.  What did I do?


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Was your BB working correctly before your firmware update?  Are you sure you properly setup your payload?  If the payload is not correctly placed in the switch1 folder it can at times just open the usb file system if not correctly setup.  Also if your payload requires any of the tools and you have not installed them it will not function properly.  Tools install:  https://forums.hak5.org/topic/40971-info-tools/


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