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I am a newb but I am serious in learning about networking and pentesting and was at DC25 this year, most of it did feel like a great portion of it went over my head...but we all have to start somewhere :rolleyes: So please bare with me.
I was practicing on home network Wi-Fi and connected my Tetra to my laptop via y-cable. [see footnote for videos*•] I'm running Kali Linux on a old dell latitude I know that on some older laptops wont yield enough power for the tetra so I plug in the tetra with the power adapter.  I'm following along through the video but when I check for bulletins , and I get a prompt practically saying Nope no internet connection. and I try to go to other sites but I cant.

So I tried going to a public place and manually put the Ethernet cable from their port to the tetra and I was able to have internet connection, So does the tetra always have to be connected to a physical Ethernet cable to get it's internet connection?

* WiFi Pineapple TETRA: Linux Setup  https://youtu.be/gqMW0NeODAQ  

• WiFi Pineapple Primer - From Recon to PineAP https://youtu.be/eHnQwTCKe2o


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I'm glad you were at DC25.  As it appears it was your first one and mine as well.  Yes some of the talks can be overwhelming but it's the only way to learn what is possible and I'm sure even though some of it was over your head you learned more than you realize.  As far as using the Tetra goes if you are using the Y cable you have to run a script which forwards your computer internet to the tetra.  I believe the script is called wp6.sh.  If you can't find it let me know and I will try and see this weekend if I have it on my drive at the house.

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