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Internet passwords


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Hey, at my school the presence list is taken on this site: https://gpi-internet.cspi.qc.ca/asp/gpi.aspx

so the teacher goes to this site then signs in and chooses who's absent.

so is there a script that can be put on a rubber ducky that injects code onto the computer and when the teacher signs in the username and password are automatically sent to me?

Installing a program on the pc is not an option because it demands usernams and passwords that even the teacher doesnt have

'this is only meant for me to skip classes and still put myself as present not to harm someone in anyway'

thank you very much!

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Read the rules. Questions about hacking your school(or any system not your own) are not things we help with here. Learning to use the tools, read the ducky section of the forums. Attacking systems and people without permission, is your responsibility, we don't want to know about it, nor are we going to assist with it. Don't be surprised if this thread gets locked.

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