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How can I stop both Wi-Fi interfaces from connecting to my home hub?


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Hi all,

I was playing with hoover.pl last night, which works great, apart from when it gets to line 108;

(system("$iwconfigPath $interface mode monitor")) && die "Cannot set interface $interface in monitoring mode!\n";

It returns the above die error, with the reason given being;

Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :
	SET failed on device wlan1 ; Device or resource busy.


I am using a RPi3 with an Alfa Wi-Fi card connected to one USB port. The internal Wi-Fi chip is wlan0 and the external Alfa card is wlan1.

I have the internal chip wlan0 connected to my home Wi-Fi, as intended, so that I can SSH to the RPi.

However, I believe the issue above is stemming from the fact that, when I run iwconfig, both wlan0 and wlan1 are showing as being connected to my home Wi-Fi.

I don't want this; I would like wlan0 to connect to my home Wi-Fi, but wlan1 to stay available to use in monitor mode.


I have tried;

iwconfig wlan1 down
iwconfig wlan1 mode monitor (and/or) airmon-ng start wlan1
iwconfig wlan1 up

No luck; wlan1 still insists on reconnecting to my home Wi-Fi and setting itself back to Managed mode.


How can I stop wlan1 (Alfa card) connecting to my home Wi-Fi, but leave wlan0 (RPi3 internal) connected to it?


Thank you.

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Try "ifconfig wlan1 down" not iwconfig. Also, if you want monitor mode on wlan1, try "airmon-ng start wlan1" before using the other tool. This should fix the issue and put it in monitor mode for you.

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