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Ok, long and short - my Bunny won't run a payload...

I'm on firmware 1.3

I downloaded the repository from Git, extracted to Bunny.

The payload.txt in switch1 is

# System default payload

I unplug the BB set switch to position 1, and plug it in; it shows Green for a couple of seconds then the LED shuts off and nothing...

And the BB never shows up as a Flash Drive.

BTW, in arming mode it does show up as a flash drive...

Any ideas?

Is there a way to do a factory reset of the BB?


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switch the bunny to arming mode, then plug it in and i think a green light comes on and if you look really close.... youll see a faint hint of the led wanting to light up as it is booting.  unplug it directly after the faint light ( you have to look really close to see it ), do this 3 times and the fourth time you plug it in, it should go red and blue led... DONT UNPLUG THE BUNNY AT THIS POINT.... let it do its thing and it will be back on firmware 1.0.   Then update the firmware and try agian.  you can go from 1.0 to 1.3 without any problems.


this only works on the OS of the bunny.  so all your payloads will still be in the library.

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Ok, for anyone else having this problem...

I did the recovery to Firmware 1.0 as b0N3z said.

I then updated to Firmware 1.3... And no payloads would run at all.

Arming mode would come up and I could SSH in the BB...

From SSH i did udisk reformat

And that worked, after reformat the payloads run just fine.


I don't know.

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