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Thief: The Awesome Project


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Hi all,

Any other players of Thief 1 (Dark Project) and Thief 2 (Metal Age)?

I'm playing them both through for the third time in my life now. My God, what amazing games, even over 10 years later!

I haven't yet played Thief 2X or any Fan Missions, going to give those a good go after completing The Metal Age again.

My favourite games of all time, by far.

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4 hours ago, kdodge said:

How did you get the game? Is it download able from somewhere?

All 4 of the Thief games are available on Steam. The first 2 are by far the best (Dark Project / Metal Age). I think they are a few pounds/dollars each, not much.

You can also find them on Amazon.

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30 minutes ago, kdodge said:

just last week I was looking through various abandoned software sites looking for that vary game. I remember playing one of them years ago, but I can't remember which one it was. I'll have to go check that out now, thanks!

Once you have them, don't forget to patch them too :happy: There's the 'tafferpatch' now that makes the resolution much higher, improves graphics/textures and fixes a few bugs from the original games. Well worth installing.

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Thief 2 was an amazing game!  That was the first game that I played with surround sound!  There was nothing more impressive than the ghosts or spirits with the chains at the beginning of the game.  They would walk behind me and I could actually hear them behind me.  Way cool!  So what is this tafterpatch you speak of?  I googled it and found some forum that had like 48 pages.  Any links or anything you could send me?  I still have the discs for Thief 2, is there a way to install them in Windows 7?  I can't even remember if I got them to work on XP.  I think that was a 98/Me game wasn't it?  Any info would be great.  I'd love to play through that game again.  Specially with improved graphics.  Thanks.

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7 hours ago, Bob123 said:


Yes, I'm currently playing Thief 2 through again on Windows 10, using the disc I purchased over 10 years ago. Just completed 'Kidnap' and now on to 'Casing The Joint'.

Install the game using the disc, then install TafferPatch. Instructions are on that forum post, as well as the links to download (just use the Google Drive link).

TafferPatch makes the game run correctly on new systems, fixes bugs the game developers missed, adds new lighting, graphics and textures, etc.

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