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Mass Storage Directory Structure


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you should have a txt file with version.txt, most likely it will say 1.0 and you will need to go to https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!index.md to get the lastest firmware.  After you download the firmware just put the .tar.gz file in the root of the bunny or where docs, loot, and tools should be, then just eject and plug back in and the bunny will flash that firmware with red and blue led.  DONT UNPLUG WHILE UPDATING.  Then surf on over to the hak5 github page and download the latest payloads and copy them to the bunny.  boom setup!!!

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When the firmware updates started rolling out the 1.0 to 1.1 was just a blinking red light. I forgot about that.  Everytime I reset mine I just go straight to 1.3 and its red blue flashing.  Glad you got it working!!

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