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Tetra and SSID Pools

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when I try to do a recon scan, I expected, that the collected SSIDs are automatically replicated  (PineAP: Capture SSIDs to Pool set to 'X' ), Demon is on.   

But the SSID Pool Frame stays empty. (Windows 8.1, Firefox and Chrome Browser)

Any hints?


Thanks in Advance Holger

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hit the little arrow next to " Scan Results " and there is an option to all ssid to ssid pool.

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6 hours ago, sapmeister said:

PineAP: Capture SSIDs to Pool set to 'X' 

This feature is looking for devices broadcasting SSIDs they are looking to connect to from their list of saved networks.  A scan just shows whats available in the area and like b0N3z said you can add it to the pool manually.

The thing about devices broadcasting SSIDs is normally they don't broadcast if they are connected to a network already and most modern ones won't connect if the security if different anyway (i.e. they have WPA2 in their saved list and PineAP broadcasts as an open network).  

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