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no space left on device


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Just received the Lan Turtle, pulled down all the modules then configured the QuickCreds module and it downloaded pre-reqs. Went to start it and I am getting no space left on device and /rom is at 100%, / is at 95%. How can I clear out the other modules I downloaded to make room for QuickCreds?



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I have now tested several times with different modules, the only module that cause this behaviour is QuickCreds, There might have been an update to QuickCredz that is making it to behave differently then before. 

I have now loaded all other modules and am using 10% of the space on the rootfs.

When adding QuickCreds it fills it up and the LanTurtle becomes useless. Only a factory reset will resolve the issue in my case.

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ya I am in the same situation as BrainStorm looks like they figured out what the problem was in this thread over here.  I am going to check out the module manager for the github, and I don't know what their process is, but if they installed responder to the /tmp directory instead of /etc/turtle/Responder (which I think is in their overlay mounting)

82:  git clone git://github.com/lgandx/responder /etc/turtle/Responder -q | dialog --progressbox "Installing dependency responder" 14

then it should work (theoretically). I am busy tonight, but will try and work this and try to contribute on their github code. First post in here, just came on because I was having problems as well, so I will try and check it out. Someone smarter than me will probably fix it before I do, but I am willing to try!


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problem is the install script for responder installs git just to download the responder project once.

that could be accomplished also via download of the github-repo-zip-file und unpacking that:

wget -q -O /tmp/responder.zip --no-check-certificate https://github.com/lgandx/responder/archive/master.zip | dialog --progressbox "Installing dependency responder" 14 72
unzip -x /tmp/responder.zip -d /etc/turtle/ -x *.exe | dialog --progressbox "Unpacking dependency responder" 14 72
mv /etc/turtle/Responder-master/ /etc/turtle/Responder | dialog --progressbox "Finishing dependency responder" 14 72
rm /tmp/responder.zip

but i do ignore a cert-check.

if that is worth using git, so may it be

but be informed: the author added multiple windows exes recently to his github

but i won 600 kb disk space

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