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  1. Hi, Just wondering if anyone could give me some guidance I work in the security team at a company, I want to roll out a siem agent to developers laptops. I need to install this agent as quickly as possible to linux/mac boxes whilst they are locked or unlocked.(devs dont want to do it themselves are pretty reluctant on handing over their laptops) the agent is basically a bash script install... chmod +x & ./<filename> I think I could use my bashbunny to quickly walk over to the devs laptops, put the usb in... and job done.... So my question is if I run the install via a payload. will it install on the bashbunny OS or the laptop ive plugged it into? or will I have to copy it to the remote OS and use a series of key presses to run it. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  2. Phil.P

    Python Tools

    Hi, I can see from the requiretool.sh that you can see REQUIRETOOL impacket if you wanted the impacket tool to be installed. So to install python3 I assume it would be REQUIRETOOL python3 now say a tool requires pip install, how would this work? pip install xxxx Any help greatly appreaciated.
  3. want to add. Ive already tried other attackmodes, ive added sleep after the attackmode...Ive ssh'd into the bunny and run commands locally, the only one that doesnt work is get target_ip I cant find anything in the file structure that helps, I can see attackmode/q/quack/led etc in the /root
  4. Hi, I got internet connection working, ssh'd in. Did apt-get update, then apt-get upgrade. Now Im unable to get any result of GET TARGET_IP I did the firmware reset, but am still having issues LED R SOLID ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET LOOTDIR='/root/udisk/loot/IP' mkdir -p $LOOTDIR GET TARGET_IP echo "IP: $TARGET_IP" >> $LOOTDIR/IP.log LED G SOLID Running the above now gives me a file without the Target IP within. Any Ideas?
  5. Hi, I've have just received my LAN Turtle, my question is about the disk space. Has anyone tried mounting the overlayFS on the SD card? is that possible?
  6. so from that, you would edit the script. Remove the installing git section if [[ ! $(opkg list-installed | grep git) ]]; then opkg install git | dialog --progressbox "Installing dependency git" 14 72 fi then add the code snippet in your post.
  7. I have the same, were you able to fix?
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