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  1. imho the problem is more that there is no warning about responder's space requirements while installing
  2. it's cute how the same questions get asked all over again
  3. the specs suggest the hardware is like a rpi2, so the price is not 10-20 rpis also, i'm gonna try out the PiBunny
  4. need for speed alice lhx attack chopper
  5. problem is the install script for responder installs git just to download the responder project once. that could be accomplished also via download of the github-repo-zip-file und unpacking that: wget -q -O /tmp/responder.zip --no-check-certificate https://github.com/lgandx/responder/archive/master.zip | dialog --progressbox "Installing dependency responder" 14 72 unzip -x /tmp/responder.zip -d /etc/turtle/ -x *.exe | dialog --progressbox "Unpacking dependency responder" 14 72 mv /etc/turtle/Responder-master/ /etc/turtle/Responder | dialog --progressbox "Finishing dependency responder"
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