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  1. no space left on device

    problem is the install script for responder installs git just to download the responder project once. that could be accomplished also via download of the github-repo-zip-file und unpacking that: wget -q -O /tmp/responder.zip --no-check-certificate https://github.com/lgandx/responder/archive/master.zip | dialog --progressbox "Installing dependency responder" 14 72 unzip -x /tmp/responder.zip -d /etc/turtle/ -x *.exe | dialog --progressbox "Unpacking dependency responder" 14 72 mv /etc/turtle/Responder-master/ /etc/turtle/Responder | dialog --progressbox "Finishing dependency responder" 14 72 rm /tmp/responder.zip but i do ignore a cert-check. if that is worth using git, so may it be but be informed: the author added multiple windows exes recently to his github but i won 600 kb disk space
  2. PI Zero USB gadget, What to do?

    http://hackaday.com/2016/10/24/raspberry-pi-zero-as-a-usb-stick/ since the usb port is now blocked and cannot be used to increase storage capacity, one could solder an sd /mmc reader to the SPI-pins of the raspberry, so the OS and application data could be stored separated. possible applications: - any software you would want to have available with you all the time - portable bitcoin wallet aka credstick (see also https://opendime.com/ ) network access for the pi is sadly limited to the routing capabilities of the host computer, which means internet sharing has to be enabled manually
  3. Looking for something like Black Ice

    black ice defender is eol - 10 years ago i just noticed the software at that time because of its neuromancer-/Shadowrun-esque title. fond memories i also remember that it was a pay-product. but wasn't black ice just another firewall before the advent of SP2 for winXP? a little bit of googling gives me the term "firewall with intrusion detection systems" which leads to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intrusion_detection_system where the aforementioned snort is also listed, which is besides the also listed prelude siem the only windows product in the list
  4. can you supply pictures of the devices themselves? i would prefer not to scour random pineapple pictures from the internets
  5. okay, first version done this is my first active github experience https://github.com/hak5/wifipineapple-wiki/compare/gh-pages...hmax42:patch-1 but i couldn't find anything about the mark 2 hardware, but i suspect it is either the same as mark 1 or mark 3..
  6. Hi now that the pineapple is in it's sixth generation, watching it since mark iv (yeah, i'm a pineapple stalker), i thought about the previous versions, which i have never seen. ok, google gives me some pictures of the jasager-warrior-pineapple, but what i really miss on hak5 is a history page, which shows some pics and hardware specs of the predecessors of the current generation, starting of course at mark I. it even does not have to be a separate page, it could be in the forum. so, am i gettin old/nostalgic or is this a good idea? gon