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2Gb Ethernet


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Hi Bunny hoppers

The Bunny works on the principle that hosts detect it as 2Gb Ethernet. It then takes precedence over other networks. I noticed that if plugged in for the first time it works every time. If connected more than one time it sometimes detects with speed of 0  (images attached) which makes Bunny useless. Has anyone else experienced this? If I uninstall the driver and plug in again it will detect as 2Gb.



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I had the same problem.. that script would be awesome..  would also be awesome if it could detect OS and switch automatically from MAC/ linux to RDNIS . and if Mac change the VID/PID to apple 

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Hi Gents

I tried to assign a random hex to variables but this does not seem to work:

VID=var="VID_0X"$(printf "%04X" $RANDOM)
PID=var="PID_0X"$(printf "%04X" $RANDOM)


I need to find the script that executes the payload. Maybe the variables are not resolved. Any suggestions?


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