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  1. My firmware update went pretty smooth.. Just copied the download, checked the hash, moved it to the main dir in arming mode, removed, plugged back in - LED sequence was as expected. Only thing I noticed so far was mixing LEDs like (LED R B) doesn't work anymore. Not a big deal for me - maybe there's a new way to do it I haven't looked up yet.
  2. Hey guys, Just got my BB the other day and loving it! I noticed I had a couple problems initially after running some custom scripts. It looks like it was due to locale and/or timezone not being set correctly. Are there any best practices that should be used when using the BB (aside from Wiki and other BB references)? I know @Darren Kitchen says the whole point is to be more 'drag and drop' and less confusing. Errring on the side of making this more complicated (because why not) - so I guess this question is two part... 1. Aside from running the install.sh - should we set locale, timezone, keyboard layout? If so, how far should we go into customizing this (like .bachrc_history size) and other nerd things without breaking the functionality? By customization, I'm thinking something sort of "raspi-config(ish)" for the BB and the settings changed there. I'd be interested in creating a BB-config similar to raspi-config if things don't break. 2. Riding on #1 - can the hostname of the BB be changed without affecting how it operates? I assume so since most scripts use the host variable.... -------------------- UNRELATED - Curious if normal behaviour: After running a QuickCreds (SW#2) on my Win10 machine - I removed the BB, put into ARMING, deleted payload from SW#2, put BB back into Win10 on SW#2 (to share internet), and noticed that the BB got a address instead of a 172.16.32.x? Currently on a 10.x.x.x network. I tried to SSH in as I usually do and it wouldn't take the credentials... weird.
  3. Does changing the VID & PID instead of uninstalling/reinstalling the driver help? If so, I could work on a script to randomly assign each new payload.txt a random VID & PID if using Eth.
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