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Type text from picture


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Can you elaborate a little more? Also - I think this topic might be better suited for the Rubber Ducky forum. Either way - please add some more detail for what you're trying to accomplish. The Rubber Ducky is essentially a keyboard; therefore if it can be done with a keyboard then it can be done with the ducky.

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On ‎18‎/‎03‎/‎2017 at 9:30 AM, Souilluminat said:

I am trying to make rubber ducky type text from picture. (A photo of a document) I know I can use google translator to find text on the photo and then program ducky to type it but I would like to automate it somehow.

Not possible. The Rubber Ducky is simply emulating a HID, it doesn't have the ability to process things in the same way a computer can.

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On ‎18‎/‎03‎/‎2017 at 9:30 AM, Souilluminat said:

I know I can use google translator to find text on the photo and then program ducky to type it

Potentially then, if the PC being attacked has an internet connection, you could create a ducky script to;

1.) Open file of interest

2.) Capture screenshot and save somewhere specific with specific file name

3.) Open Google Translate URL

4.) Press shortcuts to upload that specific image on this page

5.) Copy the output from Google Translate and paste it somewhere you can then grab it, like sending it to a server.

This would, in theory, be possible, but the code would be so specific for the machine being targeted, I doubt you'd have much luck with it outside of a specific operating system. Also, there'd be no error checking ability and if the Google translate page changed in any little way it would also not work.

I don't quite understand why you would want to do this anyway. Can't you just grab the document? Why a photo of the document? And if it has to be a photo/screenshot, why not just grab that? Why do you need to the Rubber Ducky to do all the work?

I say grab the file and go. You're expecting to do too much with the ducky, it's a grab-and-go device. Get the file, get out.

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Probably not on the ducky, but with the new bash bunny, I imagine that since it's fully Linux under neath, that an OCR kit could be used to say, screencap text to images, convert the image using OCR to text, then dump to file for you to use in some manner. This all depends on what you're trying to do, and how you're going to use this data you gather. The duck could alternatively screenshot info you want and ex-filtrate but this would need an external setup to work with the data, or, use the victim OS to send it out to some third party, which may be caught in transit alert someone on the network you're doing something that shouldn't be happening. In any case, the ducky at most would be used to gather screenshots, but it's not going to decode it unless the victim OS has tools to do so, and the ducky is specifically setup to take advantage of the OS it's plugged into.

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Personally I think if screenshotting, you might want to just grab the entire clipboard and write that back to the ducky to work on later, which is probably the simplest thing to do and work on it locally. Mousekeys through ease of access would be hell to try and make work, and unless there is a powershell equivalent of code to move the cursor x,y coordinates, then you're probably not going to have much luck other than keyboard app shortcuts, ie: alt, select menu item by sitcky letter for known app menu shortcuts.


Also, x,y coordinates will be different for diff screen sizes,a nd if this is all automated, do you know what is the open app, top most window(s), etc, what is your end goal, may be an easier task or route to end results.

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