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  1. Type text from picture

    Ok I will just try it and report if I have any success.
  2. Type text from picture

    Ok, I plan to do it on my computer, so can I program the ducky to move the cursor?
  3. Type text from picture

    Can the ducky emulate mouse too? Because I can do this manually by screenshotting the field with text and then putting it in google translator to get text and then to program the ducky to type that text
  4. Type text from picture

    I am trying to make rubber ducky type text from picture. (A photo of a document) I know I can use google translator to find text on the photo and then program ducky to type it but I would like to automate it somehow.
  5. Type text from picture

    So is there a way to make rubber ducky convert picture to text from certain part of the screen and then to type it? I don't mind using external programs. By typing text from image I mean just a photo of a document containing only text.