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Testing Payloads in virtual machines


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I'm looking for a way to test payloads in virtual machines. Unfortunately I'm failing by now...

I tried to start the payload scripts with

sleep 10

before setting the BashBunny to an attack mode. 

The idea was that I have 10 sec to connect the device to the virtual machine. But it doesn't seem to work... Payload pauses (LED isn't Blue) and then runs script without me having the chance to connect it to the vm...

Has anybody a idea or uses the BashBunny with VMs for testing?

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I personally use VirtualBox and set my BB to switch 1 or 2 before adding to the USB settings in the VM. This way, while your VM is running it'll automatically connect to the VM instead of your host OS.




The steps would be...

  1. Start your VM
  2. Change BB to switch 1 or 2 with a simple payload
  3. Connect it to the computer
  4. Add the USB device to the list as shown above. Click OK
  5. Remove BB
  6. Insert BB again and now it'll be connected to the VM

Note: Changing the BB to arming mode will open it in the host OS, unless you had that to your VM USB settings too.

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I've been using virtual machines almost exclusively for testing. In my experience, the Bunny has no problem waiting for me to click the appropriate button in VMware's "Connect to..." prompt. I plug in the Bunny, there's a delay, VMware asks if I want to connect the newly discovered device to my host or VM X, Y, or Z and I click the appropriate option. After a brief pause, the Windows VM will sound the typical "ker-plunk" new device sound and the payload launches.

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