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Server Blocked?


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I set up an FTP and Apache web server on my home comptuer. I port triggered all the correct ports: 21, 20, and 80 I even tested it form another computer outside the network but when i try and log in from school the website does not work and neither does the ftp server. I can understand why the ftp server wouldnt work but could they have blocked my site just because it is hosted form a residential isp?

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What, specifically, doesn't work? Does DNS (if used) fail to resolve? Is the connection to your server timing out, or is it being refused? Fire up a sniffer if you're not sure.

Also, does your school enforce the use of a proxy to reach the outside world?

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If you're running Windows XP SP2, chances are, your ports are blocked by their firewall by default. Go to Windows Security Center or Control Panel -> Windows Firewall to disable it. Also some cable companies will automatically block port 80. Most, if not all cable companies prohibits home servers.

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