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Bad signal range


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Hello guys,

i was using Pineapple NANO for my thesis, but today the signal of my PineAP broadcasted SSID was terrible. I was try another antenna but, it wasnt helped. Looks like that RP-SMA connector is bad, because it can broadcast only to +-2 meters. I was checked topics there like this https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/26636-poor-wifi-signal-range/& and they was replace the RP-SMA to IPX cabel. But in pineapple NANO the RP-SMA connector is soldered... 

(Im totally sure it is bad RP-SMA connector, because if i connect or remove the antenna, the signal range is same...)

Have someone this problem too with NANO or know how to fix it?


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Im not 100% sure but apparently it can cause damage over time, something to do with reflected waves that can add to the transmitted waves and then overload the output stage over time. some circuits monitor and protect but not all. It's just a thought but may be your problem.

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