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Stuck to black pineapple screen

Jackie Chank

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Hello everyone,

Just received my nano and I face a problem I can't fix for now. Does anybody had the same ?

=> Impossible to reach the firmware selection on the wifipineapple web page.


What I did

I passed the ./wp6.sh which finished nicely with a request to browse

I clicked on the first "continue" link, then i pressed the reset button as requested, and clicked the second "Continue" link. From here, the browser is stuck, desperately looking for downloading the page  ""



I repeated this process many times, but have been stuck the same way each time. Any clue where to look at ?



 - Kali in a VirtualBox, OS X as host

 - eth0 (Internet) has an IP (and ping works)

 - eth1 (WifiPineApple) also have an IP (


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check your network settings and make sure that eth0 is the primary Internet connection and not the nano.  Also I dont know if this would matter but make sure you have updated kali.

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Destination	  Gateway		Mask		  Indic	Metric	 Ref	Use	Iface	  	   UG	  0		  0		 0  eth0  U  	  0  	  0		 0  eth1  U	  100	  0		 0  eth0

Thanks for answering b0N3z.

Looks like eth0 is primary as I see going to eth0.

  • Kali updated
  • wp6 final msg : "Share Internet Connection from  eth0 to wifi pineapple at eth1 through default gateway"

Still stuck to the second "continue" screen.

I start to think it s something crazy stupid or my pineaple is faulty.

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how did you setup WP6.sh?  I used Manual over automatic because the automatic messed some things up.  Normally your gateway is like,, .  unless you set that IP as your gateway through your router.  

if your unsure if its the pineapple, then plug it in and run an ifconfig when the blue light goes solid and go to the browser and just type in the and see where you get from there.  You won't have ICS but you can see if its the pineapple or just your settings through wp6.sh

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