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airodump-ng 5ghz


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So I have an alfa awus05hnn v2 and it supports 5ghz monitor mode.  So I have tryed "airodump-ng --band a wlan0mon" and its really hit and miss if it even returns a result.  Then it also gets shady on 2.4ghz.  I have googled the and look at the help menus.  I have not tried to set the channel manually as I cant get it to read both my routers which are on different channels. 

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802.11a can be picked up, but most people today, are using 802.11N, which works on 2.4 and 5ghz. Also a lot of newer devices use 802.11AC as well, which also works in the 5ghz range(and a few others).

If you set the channel to a single channel, you'll have better results. Pass the -c(if I recall) with the channel number you want instead of roaming/hopping between channels. i don't know that aircrack works well with 802.11N and AC at all though. I've never been able to capture any 802.11N traffic with my wireless card, as I have only tried in aircrack. There are probably other programs that can capture these ranges, but I've not looked really.

802.11N works on the normal 1-14 channels when on 2.4ghz, but in the 30s - hundreds and up when on the 5ghz for N and AC.


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