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Tenda U1 usb wifi adapter


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The Tenda U1 has a RTL8192EU chipset (Realtek).
There's no such thing as a "airmon chipset". Or were you perhaps asking if the chipset supported monitor mode or injection?
If so, yes. It does support monitor mode. I'm not sure about injection though.
You might get issues with finding a driver for you linux distribution though, but sources do exist on github, and elsewhere.

By the way, you can get cards that works perfectly for monitor-mode+injection out of the box, for a very low price.
For example the TP-LINK WN722N, which uses the AR9271 chipset from Atheros. I have several of these.
There's also lots of other cool stuff you can do with these dongles. (firmware modding etc.)

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You modify the "firmware" which is located on the PC, not the firmware which is on the hardware.
This firmware is responsible for translating alot of the stuff that happens on the wifi-chip.

It turns out that by editing the open-source firmwares for these devices, you can create strong DDoS devices, which works alot better, and more stealthier than regular de-auth attacks, or even mdk3 attacks.
And more...

Read up, or test it yourself here: https://github.com/vanhoefm/modwifi

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