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Broadcasting WPA encrypted networks


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I'm interested in mounting an attack where I already know the passphrase of a WPA/WPA2 encrypted network, then try to impersonate it.

I've tried modifiying the /etc/config/wireless file, but I don't really understand when the PineAP links the list of SSIDs to interfaces.

I already know that I have to modify an interface by adding  :

  •        option encryption 'psk2+ccmp'
  •         option ssid 'MySSID'
  •         option key 'MyKey'

but it looks like modifying existing entries in this files has no effect on the broadcasted SSIDs by PineAP.

Could someone help me? Many thanks.

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7 hours ago, FreqANDY said:

So you're approaching an existing network... Launching a SSID with the same name / security setup / password, while I assume deauthing the target router in hopes that you'll redirect connected devices to your secure network ?

That would work, yeah. 

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