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Yes, I am new. I have very few posts and I don't contribute much because I'm still learning. I can't help but be discouraged by a lot of posts on these forums though. I purchased my nano tactical elite and field kit this past Father's day. I guarantee that it's been the best gift that my wife has ever gotten me. After looking at the nano for nearly a year prior to purchase, I took the first step by purchasing a used Nexus 6 for $100. The next step was the Google Fi program, followed by the Hak5 gear. When it all arrived, I connected it without issue, and went to work. It wasn't long before I realized that I had seriously overestimated my knowledge. To be honest, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I watched the Pineapple university videos numerous times, dug through YouTube, read the forum, and ordered the book. It didn't take but a couple of reboots to realize what modules didn't work together. Before long, I realized I couldn't proceed without even more understanding and knowledge. That was rectified by a Python for informatics course, some raspberry pi tinkering, and finding some local programmers who were glad to help. Now, I understand that there might be some faulty Pineapples out there, but that's not what I'm really seeing in the majority of these posts. What I'm seeing are people who simply don't know what the hell they're doing. The vast majority of the "I paid a $100 for a brick" people are simply too lazy to search for continuing education. Either their ego is too large to fathom the idea of not being spoon fed answers or they want the "I'm a hacker, watch me get the lulz by pushing a button kit". I've never had an issue with shipping, contacting the store, or anything for that matter. I realize that I'm no expert. Hell, there's still a majority of the field kit that remains untouched. I haven't ventured into the rubber ducky, LAN turtle, or SDR. Actually I'm fairly positive that I still don't even know what some of the items are or what they do. You can bet your technolust ass that I'll eventually learn though! All I'm trying to say in this drawn out post is...if you want to better yourself or your understanding, shut up and do it.

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Couldn't have said it better myself. Was actually searching for something completely different when I came across your post. Bummed no one responded, so here I am.  Cheers?! Sorry it took 8 months for a reply.

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I dont contribute much on the forums either mainly due to lack of time. With that said I have been in the INFOSEC Field for almost a decade and actually pentesting for less then half that.  There are still parts of this field that i haven't even touched.  

However you hit the nail on the head a majority of the people that complain about something not working usually dont put the time into even understanding how it works.  Back in the day that is how some of us got started is learning how some thing  worked and them hacking it or making one our selves out junk.

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