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Damn, that's hefty. I suppose you'd have to use OpenVAS then. I still get updates to my Nessus vulnerability database I think. The PacketFence website doesn't indicate any additional licensing either. Either way that's too bad as Nessus is pretty good. I've used OpenVAS in the past as well when I do network audits, and as far as I know that's still free.

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I still see the Nessus module on GitHub too. Now you've got me curious. I'll get back to you once I find out more. PacketFence is still good in my opinion though, just to follow up on my original point. I'm not totally familiar with Cujo.

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Wish they would stay consistent with their offerings. That used to be there but then disappeared for a while and all you could get was the trail version of pro which was knobbled in various ways over various releases, the current way is that it is capped at a max of 7 days.

If this works as it sounds then it would be good for scanning your home network.

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Yeah, a lot of companies seem to frequently mess about with or hide the free offerings these days. I guess it's to maximise their sales and cut down on commercial companies using them, but it gets frustrating. Presumably, the whole point of free offerings is to give something back to the community and build a fan base among future professionals, so there's an important ease-of-use balance there somewhere.

Anyway, I know nothing of CUJO so I'll second Nessus and shut up.

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