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Cell phone signal extender


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This might be a weird question, but I just recently moved into a new apartment on the bottom floor and the problem I am having is that to make a phone call I have to stand next to a window otherwise signal will drop and calls are gone.  My cell network is through Straight talk and im just wondering if anybody knows of any devices that will extend the gsm signal into the apt so im not missing calls or dropping calls.

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55 minutes ago, barry99705 said:



Do they work?  Beats me.  I know my work Verizon phone will reboot when it leaves a booster's signal.  One of my client sites is built like a faraday cage, so they installed one.

guess I should have just done a google search. 

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I have a nexus 6p and when I first moved in to my apt it was really bad had to be next to a window.  After flashing the feb update from google it seems to work way better now. I dont know why but it does.

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only for certain devices right now.  Straight talk is a little slow coming to that field.  The phone will do it but the carrier wont allow me to enable it for this device.

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