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No Internet through Client Mode


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So here is my current setup. I am mobile right now so bear with me. I have my primary phone with a wifi hotspot turned on. I have a tablet that I connect to the nano using the managment network.


Once connected to the managment network, I connect to the hotspot using Client Mode, via wlan2 (awesome small form adapter from hakshop). I connect just fine. I can see it is connected on the hotspot.


So I disconnect the tablet from the managment network and connect it to the Open AP. When I connect to the OpenAP, there is no internet connection. So I went back to managment network and tried to load bulletins from wifipineapple.com, and sure enough, no internet connection.


I don't know what I am doing wrong here. I swear this worked a few days ago.



Destination                           Gateway                                   Genmask                     Flags              Metric                       Ref                       Use                Iface                              *                                                U                      0                              0                          0                   br-lan                            *                                                U                      0                              0                          0                   wlan2                            *                                            UH                   0                              0                          0                   wlan2





WiFi Client Mode shows an IP of



Not sure what I am doing wrong here.

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10 minutes ago, Bitbot17 said:

havin the same issue, does yours also continue to blink endlessly ?

It was. When I got home last night I connected it through wlan2 to my home wireless network and it was able to connect to the internet. I checked for firmware updates through the web ui and 1.1.2 was avaliable so I installed that and I am now connecting to my hotspot without issue and have full network access.


Now that it is finally working outside my home, I can learn how to really use it.... Hopefully that was of some help. I'm gonna be around all day if you need some more input. 

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I connected today (having reset back to factory settings yesterday) - I was able to d/l modules and access web gui (O/S Windows 8.1) . When I turned my laptop back on this evening , I cant connect at all via the GUI - but I can ping - also on the Windows network connection I see an ethernet icon (called 'Unidentified Network' which has internet access) , instead of the normal wifi icon .

Do I need to reset the nano again and start from scratch ? I have bounced the interface , but all this does is make the IP go back to '193.x.x.x'

All help appreciated .

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