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  1. That sure does answer a few of my questions... Thanks for clearing that up. =)
  2. Does this mean we can't use Client Mode and PineAP at the same time if we're running in a headless (battery pack only) environment?
  3. I was having the same issues as OP running version 1.1.2. Had to factory reset the Nano and now everything seems to be working again.
  4. Are there any guided "scenarios" that can be followed to properly setup the pineapple in a common way? For example, I have the Pineapple Nano with an external battery. I'd like to configure the Nano to run headless (no cables to manage it) while using an Evilportal to capture clients, and then pass those clients through to the Internet. Steps: Plug Nano into external power. Log into Management AP and configure Client Mode to connect to a nearby AP (for Internet pass-through). Configure PineAP. Enable and configure EvilPortal. .... Put the Pineapple in your bag and hack the planet? I've looked about the Forums but was unable to find any such resource.
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