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Bypassing AntiVirus so most payloads will work


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Hello guys,

I've got a question considering antivirusses blocking rubber ducky payloads.

I see all these .exe payloads like chromepass.exe and wirelesskeyview.exe being used in rubber duckies.
Doesn't the antivirus of the attacked PC block the .exe programs when they start running from cmd? Or will it just work normally?

If that is the case, this script can disable Windows Defender easily.
Most PCs dont have windows defender as the only protection tho, so it is needed to disable other antivirusses, right?

Most antivirusses can be shut off with the taskkill command, i tried killing my MalwareBytes and it worked: (remove " ")

taskkill /f /im "Insert antivirusprogram name here.exe"

Can someone help me out with this? I want to know if im just being dumb here, since all of this might not be needed.

Thanks in advance

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