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  1. Try it in VM by having MalwareBytes open and run some known malware (make sure it gets detected) then run the command and run it again and see if its picked up?! However if windows defender is on not sure you can disable it with that command (try it) :D
  2. Saw a talk online at DefCon where someone had created a proxy server setup inject a hook into the js files a bit like Beef in kali combined with SSL stripping and MITM to grab passwords etc and thought this may be able to be used with the ducky by plugging into a computer and it automatically setting up a connection to your proxy server! For example, in Windows 10 you could use Win-Key + I to open setting and start typing proxy and hit enter to open up the right page then using tab to scroll down, then use up key to turn proxy on and keep doing the and enter the correct setup for your server
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