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Permanent Fake MAC


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I am just wondering, is there a way to create a script or modify a particular config file on the pineapple to designate fake MAC addresses?

They seem to change back to original address very quickly.  It gets annoying trying to keep up with them.

I had this same issue on certain Linux OS's where they would reset during a connection, which is also not ideal.

There is a work around for the Linux OS to make the MAC address at least remain as set throughout the session.  I will put this info below if others are interested.

If you forget to stop and start the network-manager service, your MAC will change back to the original address at any given time.

Don't know if there is something similar for the MARK V.


service network-manager stop

ifconfig eth0 down

macchanger -r eth0

ifconfig eth0 up

service network-manager start

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13 minutes ago, gravityzero said:

I make the necessary changes through vi.

When i try to run command "./network reload"   I keep getting a permission denied. 

Any suggestions?

Yeah, you are trying to execute a configuration file. That's not going to work.

/etc/init.d/network restart

That'll do the trick.

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2 minutes ago, gravityzero said:

Thanks a bunch.  I will give it a try.  I am going to probably modify the file at my leisure and upload through ssh.


Just make sure that you keep the correct file format. Editing the file on Windows may add carriage returns and can cause issues.

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