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WiFi Pineapple Tetra Connection/Power Issues


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When I power the WiFI Pineapple using mains power - as in using the power adapter provided or using the USB cable provided with an adapter that comes with most phones - I get a solid blue light, the default SSIDs show up and the web setup loads. In other words the expected behaviour.

When I connect it to my Windows computer I get a flashing blue light and after about 15 seconds of flashing it goes back to orange and then back to flashing blue, this continues indefinitely. The network interface shows up, however keeps changing between Identifying and Network Cable Unplugged.  I have tried connecting both Type A connectors to my computer, and have tried connecting one to the computer and one to the wall adapter mentioned earlier, but still get this result.

When connecting the Pineapple to my MacBook Pro, using both Type A connectors, I get a solid blue light, but the network interface does not show up.

On Windows I've tried installing the Realtek drivers linked in the FAQ and restarted the computer, but still get the same issue.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you

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