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  1. Hi Foxtrot Thanks for the info, I suppose I could try either reinstalling hostapd using opkg or building it from source. Do you have any insight to offer on any of these? Thanks -Aaron
  2. I have a couple of WiFi Pineapple Tetra devices running as Wireless Access Points. I'm setting up a 802.1X/Enterprise WiFi Network and am seeing some strange results with the Hostapd Configuration that is being generated on one of the two Pineapples. The config in /etc/config/wireless is the same on both devices: config wifi-device 'radio0' option type 'mac80211' option channel '11' option hwmode '11g' option path 'platform/ar934x_wmac' option htmode 'HT20' option require_mode 'n' config wifi-iface option device 'radio0'
  3. Hi I'm looking to use my Pineapple as part of a larger home network project and would prefer to start with a minimal system, at first I thought about flashing the Pineapple with stock OpenWRT however after reading other forum topics this may cause more problems and more work than is necessary, so instead I have a few questions. I would like to be able to do one of the following: On start up not load any WiFi Pineapple services, e.g. pineap, dnsmasq, hostapd, nginx (and by extension the Pinapple web interface), while still having working lights (if possible) Load services
  4. Update: I've managed to get it working now on Windows by providing power using a second USB cable connected directly to mains power, so assuming I can configure network information from eth0 I should be good.
  5. Hi thanks for the reply Tried installing the drivers for Mac, doesn't seem to have any effect. Thanks Aaron
  6. Hello When I power the WiFI Pineapple using mains power - as in using the power adapter provided or using the USB cable provided with an adapter that comes with most phones - I get a solid blue light, the default SSIDs show up and the web setup loads. In other words the expected behaviour. When I connect it to my Windows computer I get a flashing blue light and after about 15 seconds of flashing it goes back to orange and then back to flashing blue, this continues indefinitely. The network interface shows up, however keeps changing between Identifying and Network Cable Unplugged. I
  7. Hi, I'm building a wireless hotspot system, that works exactly the same as the type of systems you would find in most hotels. I'm sure most people will have come across these, so will have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about. The way I would like to handle authentication is using a remote web server which hosts the site that people use to authenticate, as well as a database to keep track of everything. The remote site needs to know the MAC address of the client that is trying to authenticate. I have tried several methods of easily communicating the client MAC address, along with s
  8. Hi there I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 set up , and I am running it as a DHCP, DNS, Router, AD, File Server, etc. I am installing VirtualBox on it and running a Linux distrobution that allows me to set up a Captive Portal. Guests will connect to wireless routers, running on the subnet, and will be assigned an IP Address in the to range, and the routers will run on the to range. The routers will be connected to a switch that the computer running the server is connected to, the server has one NIC, and the routers will be on the
  9. Hi again Still the same question as the previous comment, however I would like to know if it is possilbe to configure a passcode to only be usable once, then the user needs a new code to re-authenticate? Basically what I require is a system that is designed for the guest in mind, and not the day to day user. Any ideas? Thanks Aaron
  10. Hi, I had a look at both, both look good, I was wondering if you knew if either could be set up so that the user doesn't need to enter a username when logging in, and only needs to enter a code? Thanks Aaron
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a system that will allow me to provide guests access to the Internet. I am looking for an open source solution, either something that already exists as a solution, or a DIY type job. Basically I want to implement the same type of solution that you get at many hotels and caffes, when a user connects they must authenticate through a web interface, they can then access the Internet for a specific amount of time, then they have to authenticate again. I am only looking for a software based solution as I have the hardware, and I would like the system to run on a machine runnin
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