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about Wifi Pineapple SSL

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I need a help about wifi pineapple product. How can I implement ssl certificate so that people who are using this automatically connected through ssl. and how can I decrypt the traffic that is going through this ssl. Is there any build in option that can decrypt the SSL encrypted traffic ?

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9 hours ago, Ineffective_Device said:

Doesn't the decline of tools like SSLSplit and SSLStrip effectively make the pineapple an obsolete tool as nearly all internet traffic at this point uses both HTTPS and HSTS

The Pineapple does so much more than intercept communications to the internet.  It's great for spoofing, auditing, recon, and much more.  It's really only limited to your capabilities and the laws of physics.

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Surely spoofing is of little use as the main purpose of spoofing is man in the middle attacks, which are not effective if the device has no mechanism to deal with HTTPS.

While auditing and recon are present in the device, there seems to be nothing present that a simple ping sweep or network scan could not accomplish.

I work in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment and later today will be giving a demo and talk on the pineapple where I will find it very hard not to describe it as a piece of hardware that is aging and on the verge of being completely obsolete.

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