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Help with a device to crack passwords and encryptions?


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Hello Everyone!!!

I'm a student who loves hardware. I work with it a lot and I'm very good at making my custom devices. I have just ordered the PCBs for my latest design. It is the first prototype of a computer meant only for math. This board isn't very powerful and is a little more than a square inch, but I'm hoping in the future it will be very capable. On the square inch there are four low level processors. I have three of them coming and they should work well. I need someone to help me as I want to use these devices to crack mathematical passwords and encrypted data and I have little skill in software. Would anyone like to help? This could either be a huge failure or a resounding success. Either way I hope to publish all my findings and whoever helps loses nothing but maybe a little of their time.

Please reply to the thread or PM me if interested.

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The way this community typically works is that you try shit, get stuck, ask a question and people help you along.

I'm not seeing the 'try shit' phase yet, so work on that and holler when you reach the 'get stuck' phase.

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It hasn't. Your comments are right here:

OP decided to triple-post his question around the forum and you simply replied to one of the other threads.

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