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Ports not working porperly


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Hi, I received my Tetra on 6/3/2016; have tried to contact exchange@, sales@ and quote@ with no human response, Sooo I'll try here.


The mini ports on the back of the pineapple were either bent during assembly, or not soldered on the board correctly/straight.  It is very difficult for the cables to plug in without interfering with the case.  They will go in - just barely.  There is intermittent connectivity issues depending on how it is sitting or what angle the cable is at.  I was simply wanting to exchange it, but have not gotten a response from anyone on how to do so.


I have the ability to disassemble and repair myself (which I may do anyway - depending upon response time here).


How do exchanges work?


Thanks, mop

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Thanks for the response Foxtrot.  Just popped in for a quick update (don't want folks thinking the Hak5 group doesn't reply to customers).

Sara sent me return labels so I could exchange it on 6/17, no biggie.  In the meantime, I had an emergency appendectomy which put me out of commission for several days, so, it never made it to the post office.  Once I was up and around after surgery, I was going stir crazy in the house with nothing to do.  Decided to open it up and repair it myself instead of waiting the time to ship it back and a replacement to arrive. 

Looks like the micro connector for the ETH port was damaged during final assembly.  I assume that since all other solder joints look fine.  5 minutes with a soldering iron and a little flux... It's good as new.  Thanks all y'all. :grin:



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