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NSA and Diffie Hellman keys


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I read something about the NSA breaking the dh public key exchange.  They also mentioned something about breaking bulk keys 1024 b.  Does this mean any thing?  What I got from the article was they are trying to ease drop on some conversations entering the Country,  The bulk key allows them to break lots of keys.  I think they are looking at VPN's and maybe HTTPS.  What does this mean for SSH?

Here are the articles what do you think.  https://www.lawfareblog.com/nsa-and-weak-dh



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Proxy key interception maybe mitm... MOXIE ssl sniff.  The idea of intercepting the data before it gets to your pc.  Another computer between the two parties is the interception device.  There are network appliances to do this.  Employers have long wanted to read email.  DH uses prime numbers is what I forgot in the previous post.  

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I have read some on encryption. Lattice based encryption is something you may be interested in reading about.

SSL and VPNs are secure against less sophisticated attackers who have limited resources but state sponsored actors can probably crack them with ease at this point.

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