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Nano in hotels


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It wasn't the primary reason for me getting a Nano Pineapple, but as I do a lot of travelling I thought would be good to use the Nano to share the internet connection in the hotel and also be able to use my ChromeCast.

After spending a good few hours trying to configure this at home I kept getting intermittent results, and got very frustrated for something I thought was straight forward!


1) Set  and confirmed filters for client and SSID

2) Connected to existing home router on Nano showed connected, but sometimes didn't update the Default Gateway on the Nano. Very intermitant internet connectivity on the Nano, I tried to load bulletin/updates and it rarely worked. Eventhough other devices connected directly to the home router are fine.

3) Even when I did manage to have the Nano connected to the home router clients connected to the Nanao could not get internet.


Can anybody help me at all please. And just to confirm, do I need to use PineAP for this solution to work?




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I have inserted 3 screenshots below from my Nano on the Android App. It will only let me connect as client to my existing router on WLAN1 I assume it connects as I get no errors and it appears to receive an IP address. And then in the routing table the default gateway never updates to my router's IP ( Should the DG be set to on WLAN0 ?





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The easiest way to pull this off is to buy a cheap USB wifi adapter off of amazon and plug it into your nano. This will give you a wlan2. Use wlan2 in the client mode setup box. This dedicates a radio to exclusively connecting you to the internet.

Just to make sure this works, I tested it out myself after your last post. The bulletins load for the pineapple, and my controlling device connected to the wireless management port was granted internet access through the pineapple.

If you try to use the existing radios on the pineapple, you will lose some functionality with PineAP. PineAP controls the open SSIDs that are beaconed out, so you wouldn't be able to use those to connect. I'm sure there is a way to do it if you still want, but it is outside of my knowledge level.

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