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Out of band networking


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I think it is a good idea to setup dial backup for network devices. A cradle point could do this for those of us who dont have access to the pstn. I dont think Cell phones work with external modems. You could setup a PI device and teach the person to tether there phone to it ssh to the PI device and console in. This requires to many steps for even a noob. The point is what happens when your network goes down how can you remote into it.

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Some thoughts...

- What expected situations would cause the outage? What are you protecting against?

- How likely is this situation to occur, and how long does such a situation typically last?

- Are you sure those situations wouldn't kill the backup too?

- What does the backup cost to have around as a contingency, and what does it cost when you actually have to use it?

- What performance would the backup provide and is it worth the previously specified cost?

- Are you able to test the backup? Are you able to simulate the outage?

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You are right the best solution is something like a craddle point which has a console in port. Plugs right into a cisco router It has been tested at many businesses we know it works. The only one we cant deal with for more than a few minutes is a power outage unless you have something better than a UPS.

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Sounds like a money issue. You can get MASSIVE diesel generators that can power shit trivially but you need a process to periodically test the system, have sufficient fuel on-site and of course all this comes at considerable cost so the question becomes what the cost is of not having these devices running. If the cost of all that kit and its upkeep is too much of a multiple of the cost of not being able to run your device for the expected duration of the catastrophic event, you just accept the risk and go back to work. Have processes in place to orderly, cleanly shut down everything in case of such a catastrophe and make sure that there are policies in place that ensure when new kit gets added to the mix, it's properly incorporated into the "end of the world" scenario.

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