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Libnet & packet crafting resources


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Hi everyone!

New user here - I'm currently looking for some kind of resource for the Libnet library. I've been slowly going through the Hacking; ... Exploitation by J. Erikson and the most interesting aspect so far has been packet crafting with libnet. Problem 1 is that the library used in the book is libnet1.0, which also comes loaded onto the linux live cd (long, long lost). However the up-to-date version is libnet1.4.

That wouldn't be so bad - I've been converting some of the simpler programs to the newer libnet version; managed to get an arpspoof and a targeted TCP flood working by examining the libnet files but they've changed a LOT of stuff; new handle types, new memory management, new ptag(s) for the packets and lots of new functions - it feels like there's loads of stuff I can't do yet without a better understanding of the library and how it works.

Problem 2 is that I can't find any good resources on using libnet since it updated (which, from what I can gather was about 2007...). There's a couple of old sites with advice on old libnet but after hours of googling literally the only thing I could find written in v1.4 was a single arpspoof program and about 500 words about the code.

If anyone has any good up-to-date resources for libnet I'd be eternally grateful.

Also curious - packet-crafting seems really interesting and pretty cool - yet I'm not seeing a much written about it in general which surprised me; do people just use GUI packet-crafters these days? Or are all the interesting exploits more application layer these days?
Thanks for your help!


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Crafting a packet from a GUI sounds really, really icky. It's the proverbial swatting a fly with a nuke.

You should use libpcap - it's what makes TCPDump amazing.

This describes how to sniff with it. To send, you use pcap_sendpacket and its associated methods.

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my brain recalls years ago I was crafting all kinds of packets for ddos style attacks using hping3...

I'm sure any packet can be crafted with hping just takes proper research and a understanding of the 3 way handshake

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