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Password sniff with NANO


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So i am all confused by this new menu and setup. i cannot figure out how to sniff passwords from people that are connected to my device from this new menu. Could someone help me with a turtorial or something. I just want to be able to see what people type in or browse and their login information when they are connected to the nano.

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it might be a module you need. Site Survey is aircrack-ng suite for capturing IVS and 4 way handshakes with Death option. makes that whole processes easier.

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I think the issue lies more on the fact that hak5 doesn't want their products being used for criminal usage which might be a reason we might not see a infusion that sniffs and steals passwords, while it can be down on websites that don't use HTTPS however I highly doubt that SSLSplit and SSLStrip even work on any website today last time I heard with web browsers forcing using HSTS it stops HTTPS from being downgraded to HTTP.

However the last time I heard you'd need to use some thing like SSLStrp2 and DNS2proxy to bypass HSTS

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