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  1. I just plug in the power end when I am holding the reset button down for ten seconds, once that is over and the led remains blue I plug the other end into the laptop
  2. i plug in one of the usb Y ends into my computer. "the one just used for power" then after configuring the ip to and the netmask And try to go to it doesnt connect to anything and times out. i am trying to do this on a windows 7 system. And keep getting stuck at this point. Do i need to continue having sharing on to the pineapple from my normal wireless?
  3. i have tried to do this and it screwed it all up it does not take me to the first initial black screen to chose the update
  4. This did not work i just tried it in firefox and it does the same thing. Is there an easier way i can manually install them?
  5. I have the Nano and i cannot update the firmware. When i go into advanced options it says its updating but the loading bar stays blank and it never ends. This is a picture after 20 minutes. I do realize i am far behind on updates. is the waiting time simply just because one of them is a major one?
  6. So i am all confused by this new menu and setup. i cannot figure out how to sniff passwords from people that are connected to my device from this new menu. Could someone help me with a turtorial or something. I just want to be able to see what people type in or browse and their login information when they are connected to the nano.
  7. Ok nevermind i got it all set up there is just one more thing i need, i want to know how to use password sniffing with the new nano setup. And thank you all for the help i appreciate it, greatly.
  8. yes this is what i didn't know but i do have another error when i try to get the packets by using command wget wifipineapple.com/wp6.sh the ssh command prompt says bad address wifipineapple.com
  9. I don' know how to do the commands in windows 7 because the command prompt doesn't work. And i was told that it will be more powerful with linux.
  10. I meant that i can set up the pineapple but i just cant do the commands to get it connected to internet.
  11. No its working to a point i cannot get it to connect to wifi because of the commands i need to do. I was just wondering what is a good linux to use with the pineapple to make it easy to do the commands.
  12. So i have the pineapple nano and im looking to get it running smoother. So i want to get the right linux, but i don't know which one to use. If you could leave a link and tell me what kind that would be great.
  13. ok so i know to do what you just said i will need linux. One question i am running windows 7, and i kno there are multiple kinds of linux os's out there. So which one do i need? please leave a link to the download thank. :)
  14. I am using the splitter to power it but I am using phone charger to connect to phone
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