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TETRA - MDK3 beacon flood mode on 5Ghz

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Good Morning,

I'm able to get MDK3 to work on one 5Ghz channel with the with the TETRA. However, I'm unable to beacon flood across all 5Ghz channels with MDK3. The MDK3 beacon flood mode works great with the TETRA on all 2.4Ghz channels via the command line. Can anyone help with this issue?

Thank you.

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Yeah, what Seb wrote seems to be the case. I tested with my Pineapple while running airodump on my Kali box.
Everything is working on 2.4ghz, and everything actually seems to be working on all 5ghz channels (from the Pineapples point of view)
But the Kali box can only find beacons in the 2.4ghz range.

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